The Master Plan

The Master Plan - Indian Cuisine - Chef Nasim Insari

Pandemic has changed the way we live. Today we have adapted to a whole new world. People are more
health conscious than ever before. Many are spending more time at home and with their families. Good
healthy meals are on everyone's mind. We are all witnessing how new concepts and industries are
thriving in these odd times. We simply have ourselves aligned with these crazy times.

Thanks to Chef Nasim Insari, he saw the opportunity and seized it.

Indian food fourth most popular in the world, a study of cuisine trade finds

Chef Insari has created a practical yet super healthy way of cooking Indian cuisine. His concept is based
on all natural pre-mix of spices. Instead of using shaan masala premixes or others. You simply work with
a couple of spice mixes created by Chef Insari and cook multiple popular Indian dishes by simply following his cooking

Chefs Project, a company found by Chef Nasim Insari is now focusing on the global market.

What is the big idea

Idea behind our concept is to streamline Indian cooking, yet retain the authentic tastes.
Here is a good example
Making of Chicken Masala. 300gr
Step 1: Fry chopped tomatoes with 1 tsp of our Super Mix.
Step 2: Add chicken and fry it for a minute or so, add salt to taste.
Step 3: Add little water and let it cook. 6-7 minutes top. Your dish is ready.


What is so special about our products

Our spice mixes are 100% organic and free of preservatives. Unlike other spice mixes in the market.
Cooking techniques developed by Chef Nasim Insari using his own spice mixes are just as unique. Idea
behind our spices and cooking techniques is to streamline the cooking process, yet keep it super healthy.

Revenue stream

Now you must be thinking how do I make money from this. Let us show you how.
once you have acquired our master plan, you can start tweaking it to your own specific needs of course.

However, The following has been working well for us in the recent years ...

Cooking workshops

Cooking Workshops

Today too many are looking to learn to cook. However, their are not too many schools teaching Indian cuisine. Therefore, this market is untapped for now. We recommend start teaching our cooking techniques to others. Sell spices mixes while you are it. In the U.S. for a cooking class or workshop goes for $50.00 dollars per person.
Workshop plans come with your purchase of our Master Plan.

Selling of Spice Mixes

The Indian spices market is projected to reach approximately USD 22 billion by 2024, with growth in the sector expects to be led by branded spices and spice mixes. ... Spice powder makes it an easy and profitable business to start, and one can start this business with small-scale investment.

You don't need to re-invent the wheel. We have done that for you already. Chef Nasim Insari has 12 years of R&D behind his products.

The highlight of our Master Plan come with secret formula, which is only released to paid clients. Once you have bought our master plan, you can mix your own spices using our secret formulas. You can label them with your own brand. Sell them online or in person. New income rolling in.


Indian cuisine made with spices

Initiate food business

Indians are so much a part of the western culture now that awareness of Indian food – in whatever variations – is coming to the forefront.

It is the part of the wave of Indian culture which seems to have hit the West especially Canada and the U.S. recently.

The changing face of Indian cuisine in the West – it is trending and blending; like Indians – seems to be omnipresent in the west. In the U.S. alone modest estimation puts the number of Indian restaurants at 5000 and you have every kind of establishment from Michelin star rated to family eatery to hole in the wall. You can get everything from authentic and traditional to fancy fusion dishes. Most westerners know ‘chicken vindaloo’ and ‘saag paneer’ and these dishes are available form: fresh, takeaway, frozen and shelf-stabilized. Indian cuisine is making it's way everywhere.

Since sky is the limit in the food business. How about starting your very own restaurant, carryout, food delivery or even selling frozen Indian meals? With our solution you don't need to be a chef, the best thing is that ... there are no recipes. Simply follow our techniques and business model. Money will start rolling in.

healthy spices

Health aspect of Indian cuisine

Our health is our most valuable asset. Nothing else matters. It is important that we take care of our health. The idea of ​​being healthy is staying healthy most of the time, not just sometimes. Taking any medication is not fun and can be very expensive. How do we stay healthy all the time? The answer is simple. We must pay attention to what type of food we consume on a daily basis.

Indian cuisine and Indian food dishes are famous across the globe because of its spicy and tangy taste. But there are some health benefits of Indian food.

Spices lead to a higher metabolism
India is the leading producer of spices in the world. Our spices contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which also helps in losing weight. When your food contains a lot of spices, your body needs to work a little harder to digest it. This leads to a higher burn rate which kicks your body’s metabolism up to a higher rate.

The benefits yogurt or raita
Indian yogurt has much less saturated fat in comparison to regular mayonnaise. It helps you lose weight without sacrificing the taste. The saturated fats found in mayonnaise can lead to weight problems and other health issues. Yogurts are packed with calcium, which can help you keep away from gaining excess body fat.

Indian food has a lot of grains
Bajra, Jowar and other rice grains are grown in plenty of quantity in our country. Apart from this, there are also a variety of pulses in Indian cuisine. Our traditional combinations like dal rice or rajma rice are perfect protein meals and also they also contain all the essential amino acids.

Our cooking concepts originate from South Asia, such as India and Pakistan. Using natural and healthy ingredients, you will learn to cook and consume very tasty dishes for you and your family. Our spices mixes are made with 100% natural and essential ingredients. All cooking techniques are designed with our clients health in mind.

The Master Plan comes with our own proprietary diet plans created by professional dietitians. Depends on your business model, You can certainly share these diet plans with your clients. One more way to bring in new revenue.

Included in The Master Plan

Formulas for mixing the following pre-mixes
Super Mix
Mix of traditional and essential spices with accurate measurement to yield the accurate traditional tastes. Create popular dishes such, saag paneer, butter chicken, vindaloo, alu gosht and much much more.
Achari Mix
Popular spice mix orginiating in East of Pakistan. An excellent choice for seafood dishes.
Curry Mix
Everyone likes curry, but this not your traditional curry mix. This spice mix is comprised of Thai curry leave powder. A great choice for chicken, vegetarian and seafood dishes.
Pakoras Mix
A unique blend of spices in besan. Perhaps the most profitable appetizer item in any Indian food business.
Frying Masala
An excellent choice for breading fish, chicken, or veggies. A creation of Chef Nasim Insari. Not available anywhere else.

As mentioned, you will be given Chef Nasim Insari's secret formula to create the above said spice mixes. You can rename the spices mixes per your business model

- Formulas for 5 different spices mixes
- Written documentation of techniques to create masalas and dishes

- On going technical support


Complete Plan $995.00 USD
With complete documentation

Legal release of the formulas will be granted.
Resale of our formulas is not permitted.
Legal binding contract must be signed at the time of purchase
You are responsible for obtaining permissions and permits in your country. Should you need it.

Our B2B match

Our Master Plan practically; is "The Turn Key Operation".
We match well with the following business categories ...

- Cooking schools
- Yoga centres
- Independemnt cooks/chefs
- Ghost kitchens
- Catering companies
- Hotels with banquet services
- Restaurants with multicultural menu
- Online spice companies
- Spice packaging dealers

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Streamlining Indian cuisine, Indian food in the US, Canada, Australia, England. Learn to Indian dishes on the go.

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