Regional Cuisine of Puebla, Mexico

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Puebla’s culinary tradition originates from the blending of two cultures; the Pre-Hispanic and Spanish, as well as French and Middle Eastern (Lebanese) influences.

Here’s a list of what you cannot miss during your gastronomic tour by Puebla. Mole Poblano: Proudly originated in Puebla and a beloved national dish, with more than 30 ingredients. Poblanos enjoy this dish year ‘round and make several varieties. Served over turkey or chicken. Chiles En Nogada: Mexico’s stuffed chile with walnut sauce par excellence and only served in summer months.

Antojitos Mexicanos (Mexican snacks): Chalupas (corn tortilla with chicken and salsa), molotes (fried corn patty with cheese or beef stuffing, cream and salsa on top), cemitas (regional sandwich with avocado, cheese, beef or pork, with the traditional papalo leaf ), pipian verde (spe­cial green sauce poured over chicken), chanclas (fried corn patties stuffed with beans, salsa on top), guajolotes, tinga, cuitlacoches, gusanos de maguey (Maguey worm), and escamoles (fried ant eggs, yes, fried ant eggs). Traditional Sweets: A true pleasure for the palate, like tortitas de Santa Clara (Saint Claire cookies), camotes (flavored sweet potato), pepita candy (Caramel-covered Pumpkin Seed), jamoncillos (fla­vored pumpkin seed candy bars), Crystal­lized fruits, gaznates, and macarrones.

Guerra de los moles

Antojitos Mexicanos
Antojitos Mexicanos

Cooking classes are offered at the Meson Sac­ristia, one of the city’s highest-rated small boutique hotels. Puebla’s covered food market (Camino Real a Cholula and 20 Norte), is the spot to arrive hungry and grab a seat at one of the que­sadillerias near the market’s back stalls. The fresh-made tortillas are thick, oblong and purple. Once filled with cheese, squash blossoms, and crunchy chicarón you’ll be in ready to add fresh pico de gallo and an array of natural fruit juices.

Meson Sac­ristia
Meson Sac­ristia

Street Food in Puebla