Regional Cuisine of Palenque, Mexico

Prehispanic Flavors in Palenque | Mexican Culinary and Cultural Tour


The natural majesty of Palenque is complimented by its abundant and rich gastronomy. The traditional dishes on which you can expect to feast in Palenque include: shote with momo prepared with river snail; holy herb leaf parcels stuffed with nixtamal dough; Chiapas-style tamales; duck in chilmol sauce made with tomato, hot-pepper and coriander; steamed fish or bread soup, and deer stew. There is a long culinary legacy in this region of Chiapas, and not just in savoury dishes: delicious honey sweets are an unmissable after-dinner treat. You can find most of these delights in the local markets or in typical restaurants which, if you're not ready for the full force of local cuisine, also offer international dishes and exquisite Mexican antojitos (snacks). 

duck chilmol salsa

Chiapan traditional food is a cultural patrimony for Mexicans. They say that if you haven't tasted its food, you cannot claim to know Chiapas. However, almost all restaurants in Palenque offer Mexican food in general – from chilaquiles and sopecitos (both corn tortilla-based dishes) to sopa azteca (Aztec soup) and carne a la tampiqueña (Tampico-style steak). Some cattle owners of the region even make  their own cheese, which you can find for sale in small booths at the side of the road.

chilaquiles de planque

If you're thirsty, try some of the typical beverages from Chiapas such as café de olla (delicious pot-brewed coffee), a foamy, often spiced hot chocolate, white or cocoa pozol (a corn-based hot drink), chicha and balché made of corn and other grains, or a cup of tascalate, typical chiapan beverage prepared with water, corn dough,  chocolate and achiote.

café de olla
café de olla