Regional Cuisine of Cozumel, Mexico

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Cozumel, being  an Island, its cuisine has  access to the freshest food of the sea, plus they draw on the rich culinary heritage of the Yucatan peninsula, with Mayan, Spanish and French influences. Cozumel is closer to Havana than Mexico City, consequently some aspects of the island cooking reflect Caribbean influences. Many of the 5 star resorts on the island offer excellent local and international cuisine, but why won’t you become more adventurous and try many of the superb restaurant in the island? Key ingredients of many Yucatecan treats are sour orange juice (from a special kind of green, thick-skinned orange found primarily in the Yucatan) and a spice paste (recado) made from grinding up rusty, brown achiote seeds with garlic, black pepper, cumin, oregano, cloves cinnamon and vinegar.

According to USA Today ... In addition to the signature achiote paste, Yucatecan cooks use sour oranges to give dishes a distinct flavor. Meats are marinated in the juice and a popular taco topping is a dish of red onions soaked in the sour juice to take the edge of the sharp onion flavor. The region's famed habanero peppers, similar to Jamaica's scotch bonnet peppers and among the fieriest on earth, are deceptively benign looking with their small, plump profile and warm orange or deep green skins--watch out they pack a punch. Cooks use them to make a signature fresh salsa called Xnipek, or "dog's nose" since the first bite is like that sudden shock of a cold, wet nose on your leg. Read On ...

Cochinita Pibil, pork flavored with achiote and sour orange, then wrapped in banana leaves and baked in a pit dug in the ground, is a signature dish of the region. Papadzules are tortillas filled with hard boiled egg and a spicy pumpkin seed sauce. Huevos Motulenos is the Yucatecan hearty version of huevos rancheros--corn tortillas spread with refried black beans, then topped with fried eggs and tomato sauce, garnished with diced ham, cheese and peas. The dish is usually served with an order of fried plantains on the side--the presence of the starchy relative of sweet bananas evidence of the island's Caribbean links. Not all Yucatecan dishes are hearty--sopa de lima, lime soup, is a delicate broth made with lime juice, poached chicken and fried tortilla strips. Read On ...

cochinita pibil


Some places to check out while you are there:

Casa Mission
55 Av. Entre Av. Juarez Y C. 1 Sur     Tel:(987) 8721641
Casa Mission offers an atmosphere that transports their guests through the history of a magnificent Mexican and seafood restaurant.  In this impressive place, the past and present go hand and hand. Many years ago, it was a place to relax for governors and aristocrats and nowadays it has become in the meeting place in Cozumel par excellence.
It's a beautiful and unique corner surrounded by gardens and fountains, framed with exotic birds and centenary trees.

5ta Av. between 2 y 4 Norte   Tel: (987) 8690544 
Kinta is set in a tropical Mexican garden in the heart of Cozumel. Our entire staff is committed to provide a one of a kind experience that awakens your five senses. A delicate balance of gourmet Mexican cuisine, friendly-attentive service and a relaxed ambiance provide the perfect setting for a fabulous night. After six years, Kinta continues to set the bar high with its inventive dishes, daily specials and fresh hand crafted cocktails.
Kinta has been recognized by Fodor’s, Frommer’s, USA Today, Lonely Planet and Bravo Tv as a top restaurant in Mexico. Come visit us soon, we look forward to making it a night to remember.  Kinta Mexican Bistro

Kondesa Cozumel 
5ta Av. between 5 y 7 Sur #456 Tel: (987) 869 1086
The inspiration behind Kondesa was to create a contemporary Mexican dining experience in an outdoor tropical garden setting. Its open air dining area provides a one of a kind ambiance for all guests. With an original modern Mexican Cuisine, handmade cocktails and the décor, are all inspired by Mexican traditions and the freshest ingredients that the region has to offer.  Since day one Kondesa has been dedicated to its guests, its kitchen and its Mexican heritage. Here continuously strive for new ideas, daily specials, enticing drinks and work with local purveyors, artists, and musicians to enrich what they call “The Kondesa Experience”.  Kondesa is in constantly evolving as they seek to refine the balance between flavor, space and color. Pure, Fresh, Chill…