Regional Cuisine of Costalegre, Mexico

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If you like seafood, in Costalegre you'll feel – as the Mexican saying goes – “like fish in a stream”. Here, the star of almost all dishes is fresh seafood: fish, octopus, lobsters, crabs, oysters and others are prepared in diverse ways to delight your palate. Among the most common fish are marlin and tuna, served mainly roasted or grilled and accompanied by salad and rice. At the most luxurious beaches, such as Careyes or Cuixmala, luxury restaurants have opened their doors to a new fusion: mixtures of traditional recipes with more modern preparations. In these restaurants, chefs put their creativity to the test.

Costalegre cuisine

At night in Barra de Navidad, restaurants and bars offering antojitos (snacks) or delicacies made with seafood open their doors to locals and tourists alike: you will find sushi restaurants (where they serve seafood “rolls”), sea grills and other local specialties. At the smallest and more traditional destinations, you'll find small palapas where seafood cocktails, fresh oysters, garlic or grilled shrimp, huachinango fillet, zarandeado fish, octopus in their ink, octupus a la diabla (a hot pepper sauce) and prepared crabs are served. Most of these establishments offer "catch of the day” cooked to your taste. Most of the fish and seafood are caught in Punta Perula, 85 kilometers from Barra de Navidad. At Cuixmala, Cabo Corrientes, Bahia de Tenacatita and Yelapa, fruits are harvested following organic methods, and tasty salads and fresh juices are always on offer for breakfast. Among the most abundant fruits in the area are papaya, coconut and pineapple. A tangy, traditional drink called tepache is prepared from the ripest pineapple and is lightly fermented, so watch how much you're knocking back!

Pescado Zarandeado
Pescado Zarandeado

Typical local sweets such as guava and quince jelly rolls and the popular cocadas (shredded coconut candy with sugar and cinnamon) are also fruit-based, so there's no need to over-count the calories.