Regional Cuisine of Costa Brava, Mexico

A Marine Touch at Costa Brava | Mexican Culinary and Cultural Tour

A Marine Touch at Costa Brava

After swimming in the calm waters of the sea, exploring its depths or taking the sun in the soft sand, what about calming the hunger with some fresh shrimps, oysters in their shell or a tasty zarandeado fish? At Puerto Peñasco, the most popular dishes are those prepared with freshly harvested seafood. Costa Brava shrimps are offered in the restaurants; these are covered with cheese, wrapped in strips of bacon and fried. They are served with a sweet apple sauce, butter, honey and wine, and accompanied with salad or rice. Zarandeado fish, the star of the menu of palapas and luxury restaurants, is added with onion, garlic and hot-peppers and wrapped in banana leave to be roasted later in charcoal. The natives eat a dish called “caguamanta”, which main ingredient is the stingray cooked in steak with garlic, green beans, carrots and a pasilla chili sauce. The culinary offer of Puerto Peñasco also includes dishes made with meat, a basic component of Sonora gastronomy.


Traditional “mochomos” are prepared with beef meat or fried calf and served with flour tortillas and the infallible hot sauce. At last, the sweet finishing touch: typical deserts that should never miss in the Mexican tables. Coyotas are a kind of flour tortilla filled with candy and baked. These delicacies can be filled with brown sugar, guayaba or caramel topping. One of the best places to eat fresh seafood at an accessible price in the Market of SeaFood located on the jetty. A traditional beverage called bacanora is also sold here, distilled mezcal liquor similar to tequila. It is also possible to find in the jetty restaurants that offer international and Italian food, cuts of meat and other alternatives. Besides enjoying a tasteful dinner, the beautiful landscape offered by the Sea of Cortes can be appreciated in the terraces of these places.