Popular Arabic dishes

Popular Arabic dishes for your cooking class in Queretaro, Mexico

Let's cook Arabic food together

Arabian cuisine is not just limited to one country, However, most popular and well knownd dishes come from Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. Arabian food or cuisine is irresistible, healthy and universally loved, Arabian cuisine is tempting, tantalizing and offers a truly sensational experience of taste and aroma. Fresh vegetables and ingredients; tabouleh, fattoush with olive oil, hummus with tahini, eggplant paste and so much more. Following are some of the Arabian dishes we will prepare together in our Arabian food cooking classes in Queretaro, Mexico.

Jallab Natural Arabian Drink

Felafal - Appetizer

Hummuss - Appetizer

Tabbouleh Arabian Salad

Machboos Arabian Chicken Pilaf

Simpler Arabian Pilaf (without meat)

Shish Tawook Kebabs

Qatayef Arabian Dessert
Qatayef Arabian Dessert