Popular Afghan Dishes

Afghani food class Queretaro, Mexico

Let's cook Afghani food together

Afghan cuisine is mainly influenced by that of Persia (Iran), India and Mongolia. From India came chilies, saffron, garam masala (cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, nutmeg) and pepper. Persia contributed coriander, mint and cooking with sabzi (spinach or green herbs), while Mongolian influences take shape in dumplings and noodles. But Afghan cuisine has a style of its own. Fatty dishes are an important fuel in this nation of harsh landscapes and freezing winters, with oil used liberally and mutton fat traditionally added to many dishes. Unlike some in their region, Afghans like their food neither too spicy nor too hot, and they are renowned for their use of dried fruit and nuts. They have a flair for rice, with yogurt used as a dressing, topping or accompaniment, much like Italians use cheese.

Together we will prepare some of the following most popular Afghan dishes for your class

Dough yogurt drink


Chapli Kebabs


Lamb Kebabss

Kabli Pulaos

Afghan salad

Suji Halwa