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Together We Can Make A Difference

en español is a gastronomic concept headquartered in the state of Virginia USA just a few miles outside Washington DC.
Our organization's main objective is to promote the exchange of teachings and skills between chefs from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica,Peru and Bolivia.
Our vision transcends the regular activities in the kitchen, presenting the chefs with a real opportunity to learn a new and integral perspective in the world of international cuisine focused on the traditions and current trends of each participating country.

We are aware that the gastronomy of each country offers a whole new world of creative possibilities for the young chefs. These professionals are at the peak of their professional interest and this program will allow them to maximize the quality of their knowledge.

Our concept is nurtured with several principals that are inherent to today's progressive culinary culture, like our belief on the existing relationship between the quality of the food and its preparation with the concept of good health.

Our experience has shown us that the traditional and local menus of each region that we have dealt with are rich in nutritional value, exotic taste and style, becoming in a great option to promote a healthy exchange that is also didactic and culturally diverse. The participants will get access to the highest level of international performance.
We want to highlight that encourages the highest practices of food preparation hygiene and safety as well as a stretch commitment with the environment promoting the use of local products, clean water management, energy and waste management, and the reduction of the excessive usage of packaging. Our initiative is intended to generate practices that contribute to make our concept compatible and in harmony with the environment in a self sustainable way.

The participants in our program will have the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with their colleagues from each country. Here we are listing the immediate benefits of the exchange.

The participanting chefs will be able to:
* Learn new skills in the kitchen and as well as innovative culinary techniques cross cultures.
* Become familiar with different ingredients and new tastes designed to stimulate creativity.
* Exchange ideas about the practical application of their profession.
* Get to know other cultures, languages and establish a network with people in the same field from other regions.
* Acquire professional experience.
* Obtain official certification and international accreditation with curricular value.

Benefits for your organization as Affiliate Partners and in Co-Branding:
* Advertising of the services of your organization
* Possible increment in the membership numbers of your organization and the registration of new members.
* Generate new revenue for your organization by co-branding with us and make our program available to your members.
* Exchange of logos on websites.
* International promotion of your programs to chefs overseas and recognition of your organization.
* Affiliation is free of charge.
* Discounts for your student chefs (for culinary schools only).

It has been a pleasure to have you familiarized with our concept. We will be very glad to count you as one of our affiliate members. Please contact us so we can show you in detail how we can help your organization to make its curriculum international, offer tangible benefits, new and infinite opportunities to your members and more.

Partnership Guidelines

We invite institutes and other relative organizations to join forces with us and help us make this great initiative a total success.