Chef Backpacks

Backpacks for Chefs

Chilies are actually peppers. They are simply indispensable ingredients in Mexican food and since prehistoric times, Origination of most chiles is from Mexico and, in general, South America and Central America. Chiles in Mexico can be found in a wide variety of shapes and colors, spicy and milder. They can be eaten dry, fresh or frequently used in Mexican dishes and cooking. ...

Chef Caps

Chef Caps

Mexico is famed for its gastronomy. But beyond the tacos and guacamole of world renown, there are rich and various culinary traditions spanning the whole country. The tastes, smells and textures of traditional Mexican ingredients are an assault on the senses, especially the more exotic items such as maguey worms, ants and fried grasshoppers. But the subtle blend of flavors in dishes such as mole and traditional Mexican salsas are sure to delight the palates of even the most conservative diners ...

Aprons for cooks


Mexico is a country full of culture, history and extraordinary traditions that attract millions of tourist from all over the world every year. Each State in Mexico has his own traditions and celebrations. Many traditions in Mexico have been present for a lot of years, some of them since the Azteca Empire. Here are some carefully selected videos from Mexico ...

Head wraps and beanies

Head Beanies and Head wraps

Head Beanies and head wraps, perfect for your daily use. For your comfort it comes with net over the top. Made with durable and washable material. Comes with your business logo.
Minimum Quantity: 12

Chef jackets and coats

Chef Coats

Our vision goes beyond food. We are fully capable in providing you with Chef jackets, Beanies, Head wraps, Aprons and so much more ...