Chef Nasim Insari

The concept of Asian cooking techniques was developed by Chef Nasim Insari. Chef Insari is originally from Pakistan and has spent many years researching and teaching healthy cooking concepts based on Asian or Indian and Pakistani cooking techniques.

His research concluded on one thing and that is "Eat well and live well."

Today, chef Nasim Insari has consolidated his idea into a healthy solution. It's called Wahida.

Wahida is the name of Chef Nasim Insari's mother. Who passed away not too long ago. Ms. Wahida suffered from diabetes for years. Her diet was a great challenge for her. Chef Nasim Insari began researching and developing food solutions to help his mother. In the process he helped many people with different health problems. The chef realized that the solution was there, before his eyes. His very own cuisine with full of essential herbs and spices.

It all started with my mother Wahida Begum (God bless her). I started helping her in the kitchen at a young age. In those days it was not common for Pakistani men to participate in cooking activities. But I did it anyway.
I found great satisfaction in the kitchen. My curious personality helped me learn beyond what my mother did.

She had to teach me. In addition to learning about traditional Pakistani cuisine, I began to experiment and create my own exotic mixes and delicious dishes.

After finishing my education in Pakistan, I moved to Switzerland, where I had the opportunity to study hotel and restaurant management.

At the age of 23 I moved to the United States for higher education and graduated with honors from George Washington University, finishing my MBA with a minor in hospitality.

I have worked, managed and owned several restaurant during my career. Today I put my years of knowledge and experience to work for you.

History of my food
India and Pakistan share a similar rich culture and glorious history in cooking. The Mughal emperors in 1600-1700 caused a revolution in the way the people of the subcontinent (which now comprises Pakistan and India) used to cook their food.

Lip-licking foods such as kebabs, chicken or lamb masala dishes and appetizing appetizers, etc., have their roots in the cooking methodology that these emperors love whose recipes are passed down from generation to generation.



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