Culinary & Cultural Exposure Program
Destination - Mexico City


Mexico City

Mexico’s wide-ranging plant and animal life spurred the development of a group of regional cuisines united by culinary knowledge, technique, ingredients and recipes. These diets have been perfected over the nation’s millennia of history; born in Mexico, their authenticity allows them to thrive to this day. They are original because they use the animal, vegetable and mineral abundance of their surroundings; and they are varied—not only because of Mexico’s vast geographical variety—but as well through contributions that arrived with other cultures and peoples, now fully naturalized as Mexican. Cooking food is a cultural act that implies knowledge, familiarity, skill and ability, but above all identifies social groups who share flavors, aromas and colors. Our program takes you one step further. On this great journey you will learn and earn a valuable experience to last you for a life time.

6 Nights / 7 Days culinary and Cultural Program
for Restaurant Professionals and Serious Food Lovers
Escorted Program

Program Overview

Our program offers wonderful immersion into the delicacies of Mexican cuisine and culture. Come try mouthwatering taco de nopales (cactus). You will learn to prepare exquisite mole cuisine of Puebla.  Experience authentic Mexican cooking. Learn to cook while you are at it. Magnificent colonial buildings of Mexico City, walk the cobblestone streets, wrought-iron bandstand sidewalk cafés for your afternoon cappuccino. Typically, Mexico is a city which has a bustling cultural scene year-round. We want you to be part of this great culinary and cultural experience.

Program Highlights

- Airport Transfers to and from the hotel
- All ground transportation
- 6 Nights Hotel accommodation at Majestic Hotel Downtown
- Cultural & gastronomic activities in Mexico City, Teotihuacan and Puebla
- Visit Teotihuacan Pyramid of the moon Archaeological Zone (admission fee not included - $6 USD)
- Breakfast and Lunch included (dinners not included in the program pricing)
- Escorted by our Program Director
- Accompanied by a Tour Guide where applicable
- Minimum 10 participants needed to initiate the program
- Please note: Airfare is not included in the pricing

Cost Per Person: $1595. Single Occupancy | $1395. Double Occupancy


A suggestion: It is always more fun to travel with friends. Ask your friends or family to join you on this great initiative and journey.

Day 1 - Your Arrival Into Mexico

Mexico City Airport Map
Meet and greet at Mexico City airport and transport to hotel in Mexico City downtown.

Day 2 - City Tour Of Magnificent Mexicy City

We are going to start our day with 3 to 4 hours tour of Mexico City. Covering major attractions and get you in the mood for the busy week ahead.
Mexico City Tour

What are going to see in the city. Make sure to bring your camera along.
Visiting Mexico City isn't complete without a tour of the major museums, parks, historical sites and centers. If your time is limited, but you still want to experience some of the great sights and places that Mexico City has to offer.

You will get to see the following major attractions:
National auditorium
• Modern art museum / Tamayo museum
• Condesa
• Cibeles Fountain
• Cultural center Casa Lamm
• North independence monument
• Ripley's wax museum
• Glorieta Colon
• Juarez monument
• Zocalo
• Manuel Tolsa square
• Franz Mayer museum
• San Fernando square
• Revolution monument
• Reforma - insurgentes
• South independence monument
• Reforma - Rio de la Plata
• Anthropology museum
• Archimedes - elysian fields
• Masarik president
• Tlaloc Fountain
• CFE technology museum

Dinner at SAKS
After your cooking session at ASPIC we will take you back to the hotel, relaxe and change into something more formal. Tonight the dinner is at SAKS. Our fance restaurant pick in Mexico City. Located in San Ángel, Ciudad de México.
SAKS Restaurant offers modern Mexican cuisine. You will have the option to order an appetizer or soup, main dish and dessert from pre-selected menu.
In addition to fine dining your menu will be presented by their master chef.
Please note: This dinner is included in the price of the program

Learn more about Saks

Day 3 - Visit of Teothihuacan


Itinerary Today
- Full day excursion to Teotihuacan (8-10 hours)
- Breakfast at the hotel.
- Travel by bus 2 hours. Visit archaeological area and museum. (guide the department of anthropology and history)
- Lunch and workshop at Gran Teocalli Restaurant (included)
- Return to Mexico City.
- Late Dinner at place of your choice in Mexico City (not included in the price)

El Gran Teocalli Restaurant
Convert the restaurant into a gastronomic reference center of our region and one of the best fine dining establishments in Mexico, widespread and internationally recognized. One of the aims of Great Teocalli is to offer diners a place with a distinguished and innovative environment, submerging them in interesting culinary experiences accompanied by a high quality service differentiating it from the competition.

Lunch and Workshop at El Gran Teocalli, Teotihuacan
Lunch at El Gran Teocalli, Teotihuacan

Hands On - Workshop at Gran Teocalli

Hands On - Workshop at Gran Teocalli
Learn to make Guacamole Mexican style from scratch, create your Margaritas and sip on. Furthermore hand roll your own Tortillas.
See brochure by Teocalli

Learn more about Gran Teacalli | Details of culinary actitivies at Gran Teocalli

Day 4 - Cultural Experience at Xochimilco

Xochimilco lies just 28 km south of Mexico City. With its network of canals and artificial islands, it testifies to the efforts of the Aztec people to build a habitat in the midst of an unfavorable environment. Its characteristic urban and rural structures, built since the 16th century and during the colonial period; have been preserved in an exceptional manner. The canals are a system of waterways and chinampas (man-made islands) that date back to pre-Hispanic times when barges and boats transported crops and goods from the farming communities on the chinampas to the city's center. As a stopover for travelers and as an important economic link, the canals of Xochimilco were a key component during the days of the Aztec Empire. Five hundred years ago, there were 750 kilometers of canals and 170 kilometers of chinampas. Today the canals measure 170 kilometers and there are 25 kilometers of chinampas. Xochimilco was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987.

The colorful wooden boats (called trajineras), which, decades ago, were festooned with arches of fresh flowers and sweeping branches of junipers, are now decorated with brightly painted flowered wooden arches, each one with a woman's name. Floating down the Xochimilco Canals past the waterfalls and sharp-eyed egrets on a rock, alongside the vines of mistletoe, trumpeting lilies the color of the sun, masses of purple and pink bougainvillea and surrounded by only the sound of birdsong and soft pole splash, it's difficult to remember that you're just an hour away from one of the biggest cities in the world.

Itinerary today
- Breakfast at the hotel
- Bus trip to Xochimilco
- Tour of the canal in colorful boar and lunch on board
- Visit local popular historical church San Bernardino de Siena
- Visit local mercado where you are going to try fresh churros or traditional local candies
- Back to the hotel ... relax and later tonight we will dine at La Chicha Restaurant in Colonia Roma
(Cost of dinner not included in the price)

We have a special arrangement for our guests where we will have full nice traditional lunch on the boat with musician on board for your entertainment.

Learn more about xoximilco

Dinner and Drinks at La Chicha
La Chicha popular for its unique mezcal drink and special menu by Chef.Julio. Located in the heart of Zona Condesa
la chicha

la chicha

La Chicha Mexico City

Day 5 - Exploring Mexico City Downtown

El Cardenal
El Cardenal Plaza Tolsa - beautiful French-style building with high ceilings and wide cantera (quarried stone) columns, which can be admired thanks to the detailed and professional work performed by architect José Helue Mina. And offering perhaps one of the best menu in town.
El Cardenal restaurant was founded in 1969 in the building which housed the Royal and Pontifical University of Mexico, located at the corner of Moneda and Seminario streets. Its founders were Mrs. Oliva Garizurieta and Mr. Jesús Briz, who married and parented seven children that from an early age added to the effort of creating a family patrimony. Actually the general objectives were quite modest; at first, it was a matter of trying to face how to support the family. Nevertheless, within this need and as things moved on, other principles which determined the way rose: it was paramount that things got to be done well and for this we had to make it our trade. Everyday doings were transformed into a permanent challenge and reflection.

Learn more about El Cardenal

Around and about in Mexico Downtown
Much-maligned Mexico City is cleaning up its act these days. Revamped public spaces are springing back to life, the culinary scene is exploding and a cultural renaissance is flourishing. On top of all that, by largely managing to distance itself from the drug war, the nation’s capital remains a safe haven of sorts.
Remember that Mexico City is, and has always been, the sun in the Mexican solar system. A stroll through the buzzing downtown area reveals the capital’s storied history, from its pre-Hispanic underpinnings and colonial-era splendor to its contemporary edge. Organized chaos rules in this high-octane megalopolis, yet rest assured that the city offers plenty of escape valves in the way of old-school cantinas, intriguing museums, dramatic murals and boating excursions along ancient canals. With all that and so much more going on, you just might be swayed to scrap those beach plans. As described by lonley planet. Our mission and vision goes beyond the tourist attractions. Our focus is to introduce you to the world of culinary and culture of Mexico.

Plaza Constitutional

herdez-foundation mexico city
Culinary museum of Herdez foundation

Mexico City

Itinerary Today
- Walking tour of “El Zócalo” (Constitution Plaza). (One of the most ancient and beautiful square on colonial America). quick visit to cathedral and National Palace.
- Visit to little culinary museum of Herdez foundation. (a small building on the east side of the National Palace).
- Visit to Temple Mayor - an archaeological site
- Lunch at San Juan Mercado
- Free time to explore the market or relax at the hotel.
- In the afternoon / evening you can visit the Café Tacuba or drink something on the street Regina.

Lunch at San Juan Mercado
Small traditional mercado in the heart of down town Mexico City. Here you are going to try some rare things you would not dare try elsewhere, such as worms, insects, grass hoppers, scorpions, aligator meat etc.
Not into bugs? Not a problem, you will have the option to eat normal meats and vegetable as well. However we want you to experience down to earth ambience. No this is not your five star setting. This is where common people eat. Cultural experience is just unbelievable.

After lunch we are going to head to Artisan Market which over in the block from San Juan Mercado where you will have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs.

Time for coffee break already ...

We are going to take our coffee break at Cafe de Tacuba right in the heart of downtown. Cafe de Tacuba was founded in 1912. Enjoy the brilliant colors, walls laced with colonial paintings and of course ambience is just amazing. A great place for a coffee.

Back to the hotel ... freshen up ... night out at Calle Regina tonight

Meet one of the old quarters of the center, is today a cultural corridor. Gather restaurants, cafes, gallery and convent of Regina Coeli, with a vertical garden walls..
Calle Regina, which the Mexican government designated as a “cultural corridor” in 2007, was sealed off from traffic, and storefronts were repainted in bright pastels — part of a sweeping revitalization project that is a joint effort of the Mexican billionaire businessman Carlos Slim Helú (who is also a major shareholder and creditor of The New York Times Company) and the city government.

Also interesting write up in Spanish on Calle Regina ... by

Optional Cultural Activity (available on Wednesdays and Sundays only)

Ballet Folklórico de México

The nightlife in Mexico City is second to none and provides an array of entertainment options, but this show in particular — the 'Perhaps one of the Best Dance Show of the World in Mexico' — is not to be missed. Watch a performance of the renowned Mexico City Folkloric Ballet (Ballet Folklorico). For three hours, you’ll be mesmerized by dance choreography from Mexico’s past and today, and you'll find the onstage energy and dancers in their vibrant costumes infectious.

Highlights 3-hour Ballet Folklorico show in Mexico City Watch talented musicians and dancers perform on stage Enjoy captivating costumes in a swirl of color Learn about the history and culture of Mexico through its songs and dances
Round-trip transport from your hotel is not included. But can be arranged.

DAY 6 - A Total Cultural Experience in the City of Puebla

A Total Cultural Experience in the City of Puebla

A Total Cultural Experience in the City of Puebla

Puebla City Tour
Itinerary Today
- Cooking activity and lunch at La Fonda de Santa Clara Restaurant
- Shopping for famous pottery at Mercado de Artesanias "El Parián"
- Free time to visit Puebla downtown.
- Back to Mexico City

Mercado de Artesanias "El Parián"
The city of Puebla is not your ordinary city - it offers incredible artistic creations, which represent the city’s distinctive craft and culture, in an outstanding venue where you can see and buy them. ercado de Artesanias "El Parián" was established in 1796, this market is like a living tradition of Puebla and more. Here you are able purchase world renowned Talavera pottery, traditional textiles, leather good, handmade jewelry and many other wonderful collectable objects, and amazing memorabilia or souvenirs.
More info on Puebla

Cooking activity at Fonda de Santa Clara Restaurant

Fonda de Ssanta Clara Restaurant

Fonda de Ssanta Clara Restaurant

Fonda de Ssanta Clara Restaurant

Restaurant's Website: | Details of culinary actitivies at Fonda de Santa Clara Restaurant

Day 7 - Departing Mexico

Get ready to depart back to your home country
- Breakfast at the hotel
- Hotel to airport transportation

Accommodation - Hotel Majestic Zocalo Mexico City

A majestic four star hotel , located in the heart of Mexico City facing Plaza de la Constitución, the perfect place to visit and live our history in each one of its seven floors with outer balconies and their lobby where the quarry, carved wood, bronze and "talavera" tile of Puebla mix, are combined in a unique style. Enjoy full panoramic view of the Zócalo.

Hotel offers 80 rooms with king size or two double beds. All the rooms are spacious and provide breathtaking view to the Zocalo and Madero Avenue where you will appreciate the ceremony of the Flag each morning and afternoon, other rooms interior patio.

Hotel Majestic Centro Histórico
Madero 73, Centro, México
Tel: 01-55 5521-8600 - 09

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