Mexican Culinary and Cultural Initiaves

Making Progress


By any statistical measure, Mexican food consumption is increasing faster than any other segment of the restaurant industry. In addition, it is rapidly becoming more popular for home preparation. Preserving regional authenticity and seeking to preserve Mexican cultural integrity are increasingly important trends in the restaurant and retail supermarket industries. New flavors are part of this trend but the emphasis remains in cultural authenticity.

Political views aside, love for Mexican food and culture among Americans is obvious. Americans love Mexican food, Mexican Beaches and Culture. Various industry reports suggest that ambitious American chefs with Mexican roots are pursuing further education in regional Mexican cooking styles.
Authentic Mexican ingredients are becoming more important. Many U.S. consumers have already accepted mainstream Mexican foods as part of American culture. At ChefsProject we go far and beyond to introduce Mexican Authentic Cuisine and Culture to Chefs across the restaurant industry.

We feel Mexican Authentic Cuisine is the NEXT BIG THING in the U.S. when it comes to food. We are doing our best to promote Mexican Authentic Cuisine as BETTER and HEALTHIER alternative over other cuisines in the U.S.