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Join us and lets all move forward. International Cooking classes, Queretaro, Mexico

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ChefsProject.com is headed by Chef Nasim Insari and Laura Mendicuti. ChefsProject.com is a gastronomic concept based in Washington DC, and with operation in Mexico as well.
Our main objective is to teach healthy cooking techniques, so we can all cook well, eat well and live well.
Our vision transcends the regular activities in the kitchen, presenting participants with a real opportunity to learn a new and integral perspective in the world of international cuisine.

Our program focuses on the following cuisines:
- South Asian Cuisine (India and Pakistan)
- Arabic Levantine Cuisine
- Afghan Cuisine

Chef Nasim Insari
Chef Nasim Insari
Chef Nasim Insari is an experienced chef who has worked in hospitality industry for over 30 years. He has managed several hotels and restaurants during his career. He owned 3 restaurants in Bolivia not too long ago. Chef Nasim Insari is now residing in Queretaro, Mexico. He is ready to share vast knowledge and experience with all of you.

Laura Mendicuti
Laura Mendicuti
Laura Mendicuti a professional biologist and environmentalist, She also has a deep connection with Mexican cuisine, thanks to her mother. She started cooking Mexican food since she was only 12 years old. Married to Chef Nasim Insari, together they have taken cooking to the new heights.