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It is highly competitive in the hiring place. Today a candidate with stronger credentials wins. It is important that your credentials stand out, American certificate by ChefsProject will do just that for you.


There is always room for improvement

A person who would like to become a continuous improvement manager first should acquire the necessary education.



We must invest in our future

One of the best ways to ensure equitable progress for all is by investing in our education.

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Offer solutions for all. Getting a useful credentials should not be expensive. We offer credentials which will help you during your entire career and your lifetime. Our prices are affordable for culinary professionals.


Providing solutions to chefs which makes sense. Pricewise and otherwise. Our credentials come with guaranteed results and professional reference. Your employer can contact us anytime for verification.


Credibility is the most important fact. Credibility of education, as well as our credentials awarded to you. You can present our credentials anywhere in the world, including the U.S. Your success is our success.

Great Options

We make every effort to bring the best solutions and programs to you. Our focus is career development for our candidates. Our programs are always evolving for the best. In addition to academic credentials, our candidates have “real world” experience to ensure we can provide the practical information our candidates need to achieve career success.

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Mexican cuisine experience for chefs


A program designed for Chefs who are interested in learning authentic Mexican cuisine, hands-on. This three months program allows you to work with Mexican cooks in restaurant setting in Mexico. You will work as an intern. A life time experience for any chef who wish to learn Mexican cuisine.

essential nutrients class for chefs


To be a well rounded Chef you need to learn beyond the cutting board. Learn the key principles of nutrition and cooking for optimal health. With health and wellbeing at the top of our minds more than it ever has been, it is a good shift towards a nutritionally balanced style of cooking. Today's client demands it.


Kitchen management for chefs


The objective of kitchen management is to lead, organize and control the means of production and service of food. To manage a kitchen, a chef should have practical knowledge and should have the ability to organize, and delegate the responsibility to appropriate staff and communicate well.